Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Near You

Pools are the perfect form of entertainment, relaxation, and family fun. To get the most out of your swimming pool, you must maintain it. Pool cleaning & maintenance includes cleaning, pH testing, water filtration and other forms of pool servicing.

Champions Pool Repair & Service offers weekly pool maintenance for convenience and safety. The chemicals used in pools are dangerous and can infect you. Children should not go anywhere near the pool while cleaning it. Leave it to the professionals to get the job done.

Our trained pool technicians and pool cleaners in Houston, Texas, use Bioguard products to help make your pool water look and feel spectacular every single day of the season, so you’ll never miss a moment again!

We regularly test your water to ensure that it is safe for you to swim in.
When needed, we will also scrub your pool walls with brushes or vacuums to clean it from algae and debris. In addition, we also look out for problems in and around your pool, such as chips and cracks and, above all, pool corrosion, a common condition due to age and inclement weather.

In Depth Pool Maintenance and Cleaning

Your pH level needs to be balanced so you know the chlorine is cleaning and sanitizing the pool. In addition, your TA (total alkalinity) also needs to be balanced to keep the pH from fluctuating too much. Your calcium hardness should also be checked routinely; if it gets too low, the water can corrode the surfaces of your pool.

You can find pool maintenance in the Houston, Texas area, where our technicians will also monitor and maintain your pool’s filtration system, including your pumps and valves, all of which allow for proper filtration to ensure your water is safe and crystal clear.

Pool Maintenance
& Cleaning

Champions Pool Repair & Service recommends weekly pool maintenance for the cleanest pool and safest water. If your pool goes more than a week without cleaning or maintenance, you will see the difference in the water quality and overall appearance of your pool. Keep your pool clean and call Champions Pool Repair & Service.

Pool Vacuuming & Tile Cleaning

The cleaning process we use at Champions Pool goes above and beyond. We give every part of your pool the right cleaning and attention to detail. Our technicians use strong brushes, vacuuming, tile cleaning, and other equipment to scrub the walls of your swimming pool; leaving all pool surfaces clean of algae and debris.

Pool Chemicals & Water Conditions

Another part of maintaining your swimming pool is upkeep with the pool chemicals and water conditions. Champions Pool balances all chemicals and swimming conditions for your pool in Spring, TX. Our technicians also evaluate your pool supplies and maintain pool pumps, valves and other parts of the filtration system.

Pool Repairs

Water Analysis

The chemicals that go into your pool should be out of reach for children and only a professional pool technician should handle these substances.

Vacuum & Sweeping

Champions Pool Repair & Service has weekly cleaning available, so your pool is always ready for entertaining guests or hosting parties.

Sanitize, Shock, & Prevention

Sanitizers are the key ingredients of proper pool maintenance. Chlorine and bromine keep the water clear, protected from bacteria and help control algae.

Filter Cleaning

Having a clean filter makes a significant impact on the quality of your pool’s water. A clean filter allows for proper filtration which is essential to achieving and maintaining safe, crystal clear water.


Enjoy your pool without the hassle of dirty pool walls and grimy tiles.

Equipment Repair & Replacement

The chlorine prevents algae from growing in your pool and clouding the water.

Pool CleanUp

The pH balance and acidity keeps the water clean without hurting swimmers.

Pool Maintenance