Top 5 Reasons to Repair Your Pool Heater This Winter Season

Pool Heaters - Optimal Pool Use During Houston Winter Weather

If you’re missing that summertime swim, a pool heater is the solution. Many know the joys of having a warm pool to swim in during the summer, but don’t know that like every other pool appliance, a pool heater requires regular maintenance and check-ups. If your pool heater is no longer keeping your pool warm during the winter, it may be time for maintenance or a replacement.

Pool Heater Maintenance - Less Expensive than Buying a New Unit

More than likely if your pool is no longer being heated to the optimal temperature, the pool heater will only need a repair. While it may appear easier to replace it than having a company such as Champions service the heating unit, the price of a new heater is significantly steeper than that of maintenance. The cost of a new heat pump usually starts at around $2,000 but can go up to $5,000 depending on what type of unit you may need. Make note, this price doesn’t include installation, because installing it yourself won’t be a cakewalk.

Swimming Pool Heater Repair Prevents Future Problems

Professional pool heater repair doesn’t just help you save money upfront; it prevents costly problems from happening down the line, too. For example, if your heater’s sensor isn’t working properly, the other parts of the heater will overwork to compensate for the deficiency. Overtime this overworking of parts can caused it to break down faster, potentially ruining almost the entirety of the unit meaning you’ll need to buy a new one anyway.

Consistent Pool Maintenance Year Round

Your heater is probably the part you think about the least since it has seasonal use, but just like the rest of your pool it still needs to be maintained. Some other things to think about when it comes to pool maintenance is your water chemistry. Imbalances such as the pH balance being off can lead to chlorine dissipating quickly potentially leading to corroded metal equipment and can even put your swimmers in danger. (If your swimmers are experiencing irritation and dryness of the skin and stinging to the eyes, contact Champions Pool immediately to have your water chemistry checked.)

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