Pool Remodeling & Repairs

Pool Remodeling & Repairs

Pool Remodeling & Repairs Near You

The perfect pool does exist. If not, Champion Pool Repair & Service will make it happen in the Houston, Texas, area. We have all the equipment and experience you need for your pool remodel. Turn your swimming pool into the family hot spot for fun and relaxation with Champions Pool Repair & Service.

Homeowners often remodel their pool to create a different shape. They may want their pool to be rounder because it may be too blocky. Changing the appearance of your swimming pool, as well as the surrounding area, will transform your backyard.

For other homeowners, they want to refresh the look of their pool area by adding such luxuries as a sauna, custom color lighting, a water feature, a custom rock feature or a new concrete decking.

For pool resurfacing, our technicians can also repair your pool and your pool area due to normal wear and tear and seasonal temperatures. Cracks develop over time in the concrete decking surrounding a pool. If you don’t catch cracks and chips now, this could lead to serious problems in the future.

Every pool renovation is different. We will work with you to customize your pool to your exact liking and give you total control over what you want to add, get rid of or change.

Pool Repair Near You in Our New Location in Houston

Swimming pools are fun and refreshing, but they require routine pool maintenance and pool repairs. Our technicians with Champions Pool Repair & Service will handle all pool repairs and leaks quickly and before they become major problems.

Pool Remodeling

If your family has outgrown the average swimming pool or you did not design your pool in the first place, let’s start your pool remodel today. The best part of pool remodeling with Champion Pool is that we give you total control. We want you to get ready for swimming and more pool time. Every pool remodel is completely hands-on and customizable.

Pool Renovation

A pool renovation or remodel with Champions Pool means our technicians enhance your pool with better features & appearance. Pools chip and crack because of outdoor weather conditions and normal aging. If you notice your pool has wear & tear, contact us. You won’t believe the before and after difference when we finish your renovation.

Remodeling Estimates

Call today for pool remodeling estimates from Champions Pool. If your swimming pool needs a remodel, we’ll send one of our pool technicians out to your home. Champions Pool offers pool remodeling for Spring, Texas and other communities nearby. One of our technicians will work with you to find the best remodeling package for your pool.

Pool Remodeling

Pool Leak Repairs

A pool leak is the most common pool repair. It can cause an imbalance in the pH levels and develop cracks or tears in the surface over time. You should have your pool repaired as soon as you can to prevent more water loss and structural damaged. Our Houston pool repair service will perform various tests to find the exact source of the leak.


Pool pumps can get clogged due to debris, such as algae and anything that falls from the air, like dust and anything the wind picks up, like pollen. Our experienced technicians will also check for clogs. Leave this step to a pool repair company in Houston, Texas because removing debris involves intricate handywork using cut wire.

Filter System Repair

Technicians at Champion Pool Repair & Service will also check for a broken pool filter if your pool water looks murky. A clean filter ensures that your water is crystal clear.


Enjoy your pool without the hassle of dirty pool walls and grimy tiles.

Equipment Repair & Replacement

The chlorine prevents algae from growing in your pool and clouding the water.

Pool CleanUp

The pH balance and acidity keeps the water clean without hurting swimmers.

Pool Maintenance