Winter Pool Care - 3 Tips for Pool Maintenance in Winter

How to Maintain a Pool During Winter

Pool maintenance during winter is an essential pool care step to maintaining a healthy pool year-round. Incorrectly done pool maintenance during winter can cost you money by sucking up unnecessary resources or can even cause pool damage. Follow these steps to ensure your pool is properly maintained. Please note that there are small differences when maintaining inground, above ground, and saltwater pools, and that these are general tips.


Pool Water Maintenance

The first step of pool maintenance during the winter is maintaining the pool water itself. Pool water maintenance consists of two key things: water chemistry, and water cleanliness.

The first step is cleaning out your pool. Any left-over dirt or debris can mess with the balances of the pool chemicals you will add in. Make sure to scrub the walls thoroughly, preferably with a brush and not with a robot cleaner. Shock the pool if necessary.

After you have cleaned out your pool, balance your water chemistry. Key things to check for when balancing water chemistry are pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness. Pool chemical kits & products will come with a guide on the back of the product or on a separate instructional sheet. Pool chemical usage is reduced during the winter, and if you have any questions contact the experts at Champions Pool.

Remove Pool Accessories

Pool accessories left in the pool can be damaged, and since they are unused during the winter, it is best to take them out. These accessories include any external ladders, handrails, fill spouts, eyeball fittings, pool cleaners, and basket skimmers.

Lower the Runtime

Since the pool won’t be used in the summer, the run time of the pool should be reduced from 9-12 hours to 8 hours. This time varies, so if you are unsure of the proper time to run your pool contact our experienced team at Champions Pool.

Winter Pool Care Services offered at Champions Pool Repair and Services

At Champions Pool, we understand that pool maintenance in winter is tedious, time consuming, and strenuous which is why we offer excellent pool maintenance services. If you close your pool for the winter, bring a sample of your pool water in to one of our locations for testing before beginning the chemical process. Our pool experts can thoroughly test your water and ensure a proper pool maintenance every time, to save you time, energy, and money. With years of experience, there’s no risk of errors that could damage your pool. Let Champions clean up during the off season, so you don’t have to.

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