3 Key Chemicals for Pool Winter Maintenance

How Should I Care for my Pool in the Winter?

Winter pool care in Texas is unlike other states, as pools do not need to be closed or winterized. Instead, Texas has an off season. Winter pool care in Texas consists of lowering the run time, and adding less chemicals.

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What Chemicals Do I Use to Care for My Pool in the Winter?

Pool chemicals in the winter do not vary much from summertime chemicals. The primary chemicals not commonly used in the summertime are oxidizer, sanitizer, and algaecide. Of course, the regular chemicals used in balancing water chemistry are still necessary to care for your pool.

              Why Do I need Oxidizer?

Oxidizer preforms the same duties as chlorine, and is in fact safer than chlorine. It is preferable in winter, since chlorine takes longer to dissipate in cold water, making oxidizer the more effective way to kill off germs.

              Why Do I Need Sanitizer?

Sanitizer preforms the same function as oxidizer but also prevents the growth of viruses, as well as staving off algae and other organic contaminants brought in by the weather.

              Why Do I Need Algaecide?

Algaecide is an important addition to the winter chemical list, as it kills any growing algae. In addition, it adds an extra preventative barrier against algae growth alongside sanitizer.


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