Top 5 Things to Assess with Your Pool After the Freeze

With ice laying on the ground for multiple days in Houston, the freeze was very damaging. Champions Pool hopes that everyone has remained safe and well. As you assess the damages to your home, please, be sure to check your pool as well.  Here is a helpful guide on what to check for when it comes to your pool.

  1. Pool Skimmers and Baskets (and Any Other Plastic Components)

If you removed these items prior to the freeze, this would not apply to you. Plastic materials do not hold up well in freezing cold temperatures. When left in water that reaches a freezing temperature, the expansion inside of the skimmers, baskets, or other plastic components can cause them to crack and break.

Things to check for: Cracks, breakage, stressed or bulging areas

2. Pool Pump

Frozen water inside of your pool pump can easily break components. Even if you left the pool pump running, during this hard freeze, it is possible that the water still froze. If you lost power during the outages for a prolonged period of time, this would also indicate possible damage due to the water not circulating continuously and potentially freezing within the pump and equipment.

 Things to check for: Strange noises, changes in functionality, visible damages such as cracks, breakage, loss of pressure to the pump, water not circulating

3. Pipes

During this trying time in Houston, plenty of pipes have burst due to the hard freeze. Check all of your pool pipes to ensure that they are intact, and you don’t see a significant loss of water to you pool or any large puddles of water around the pool or equipment.

                          Things to check for: Leaks, cracks, chipping, loss of water in the pool, large puddles of water around pool or equipment

4. Pool Heaters

The freeze can damage a pool heater with a cracked rear header due to the temperatures, but other portions are susceptible to breakage as well. Be sure to do a thorough evaluation of all the parts and connections to assess for any damage or breakage.

                          Things to check for: Changes in sound or functionality, cracks, breakage

5. Tile (If Applicable)

Tiles in the pool can expand, crack, and fall apart when it freezes. While pool tile breakage is usually common and not the biggest item on this list, it is the most visible and could lead to injury once you are back to enjoying the pool.

 Things to check for: Broken or chipped off tile, small cracks, loose tiles

Champions Pool – Serving Local Houstonians

We know it’s hard to know for sure if an appliance is broken which is why we’re here to help. Champions Pool is servicing Houstonians during this hard time by coming out to your location to check up on your equipment while keeping up with CDC COVID-19 guidelines. To schedule an appointment, contact us (link to contact form).

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