4 Key Reasons to Balance Your Pool’s Water

Swimming season is getting closer with each passing month, and many pool owner’s in Spring, Texas, are beginning to make plans for warm days spent splashing in the pool. However, after a long off-season, it’s important to make sure your pool is enjoyable. As the leading pool experts in Spring, Texas, Champions Pool Repair & Service understand that a balanced pool is a pool that everyone can enjoy, so we’ve laid out the top 4 reasons to keep your water balanced:

  1. Prevent Corrosion

Did you know that a pool that is not properly balanced can lead to corrosion? Not only does this diminish the appearance of your backyard paradise, but it can also make important structural components weaker. This can include the handrails, liner, and even the ladders you use to enter and exit the pool. However, corrosion can go one step further and also damage important equipment, like the pump. Make sure to keep your water balanced in order to prevent costly corrosion.


  1. Keep Your Pool Sanitary

An important part of owning a pool is keeping the water sanitary and healthy for yourself and other swimmers. Water balance plays a key role in this. A pool with an improper pH balance will not allow chlorine sanitizer to work at full strength. This means that all kinds of bacteria could be left to lurk in your pool and cause potential health problems to swimmers. Keep your pool safe and sanitary by making sure your water is properly balanced.


  1. Keep Swimmers Comfortable

A pool that is not balanced correctly can be difficult for swimmers to enjoy.  Imbalanced water can leave swimmers’ eyes and skin feeling itchy and can even lead to an unpleasant burning sensation. A simple way to keep swimmer’s comfortable is by ensuring your pool’s water is balanced, keeping it neither too acidic nor too alkaline for swimmers to enjoy.


  1. Prevent Algae Growth

For those with a concrete pool, this is a particularly important reason to maintain your water’s balance. Algae can quickly grow in unbalanced water, especially in a concrete pool. Depending on what your pool is made of, it’s important to check which chemicals play a role in balancing your pool – you may need to add additional chemicals, like algaecide, to help keep the water healthy.


A balanced pool may not be something that is constantly at the top of pool owners’ minds, but it is essential to keep the water safe and healthy. For help with pool services, like balancing your water, give the pool experts at Champions Pool Repair & Service a call at (281) 355-8504.

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