Don’t Just Jump In – 3 Steps to Preparing Your Pool for the Summer Swim

By Champions Pool

After a long cold period, everyone is ready for a swim, but you can’t just hop in. An improperly re-opened pool can cause harm to your swimmers. You might now be asking yourself “how to start up a pool for the first time?”, so here are our 8 steps for preparing your pool to open it.


Your pool’s pump is key during the circulation process. Regularly check the pump basket to ensure that there is nothing that could clog the impeller. Additionally, pool owners should check that the pump’s lid is well-lubricated and secured tightly to prevent any air leaks. To maintain clean water, the pump should be allowed to circulate the water for at least 8 – 12 hours per day. If you begin to notice problems, like strange noises coming from the pump, be sure to call a local pool company for a repair. This will help ensure your pool’s water is constantly being circulated properly.


Sanitizing the pool is essential to prevent potentially harmful bacteria from building up in your pool. Typically, chlorine tablets are the sanitizer of choice for pool owners. You should add enough chlorine to maintain a level of 1.0 – 2.0 ppm, which you can confirm by using a water testing kit purchased from your local pool supply store. It is also essential to shock the pool every so often. This is essentially a super-dose of chlorine that eliminates any residual bacteria or algae. Chlorine conditioner will also be needed as a part of the sanitation process to protect the chlorine from degrading in intense sunlight. Make sure to let any chemicals sit for a week before hopping in. A trusted pool company will be able to give first time pool owners advice on what products are needed to maintain clean water.


The filter helps keep your water clean by trapping debris and particles that can quickly lead to a dirty pool. However, for the filtration process to be correctly carried out, a clean and well-maintained filter is necessary. Whether you choose a sand filter, DE filter, or cartridge filter, each one requires a certain cleaning schedule. Talk to trusted pool experts to learn the cleaning and maintenance needs for your filter.

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