The Dangers of Unattended Pool Maintenance

At Champions Pool Repair & Service, we understand that you want to keep your pool in the best shape possible for swimming season and beyond, so we’ve laid out the top 5 ways pool owners may be damaging their equipment and hindering their swimming season:

The Pool Water is Not “Hard”

The “hardness” of your pool’s water refers to the amount of calcium and magnesium in the water. Pool water that is not hard can damage the plaster, filter system, and fiberglass. By keeping the water in your pool hard, you can prolong the overall health of your pool’s interior and avoid damage that requires costly repairs. Aim for a maintained hardness level of 200-225 ppm and enjoy a healthy, beautiful pool for years to come.

Not Properly Cleaning Algae

An accumulation of algae can clog your pool’s filters, meaning that the filter cannot function properly and will quickly malfunction. If you notice an algae buildup in your pool, your first response may be to use your automatic cleaner to address the problem. However, this can actually make the issue worse, as the automatic cleaner may spread the algae around your pool rather than removing it. Instead, use your pool vacuum to manually remove the build-up of algae. Be sure to remove the vacuum’s drain plug to ensure the algae is sucked up directly into the vacuum.

Your Pool’s pH Levels Get Too Low

A pool with consistently low pH levels will quickly become too acidic. While a highly acidic pool may look healthy and clean, it can actually cause significant damage to:

  • The pool filter and pump
  • The pool heater
  • The vinyl liner of the pool
  • The pool maintenance equipment

If the water’s pH level reaches extreme lows, it can cause damage to everything it touches. To ensure your pool’s pH levels are not getting too low, test the water often. Aim for an alkalinity level between 80 ppm and 120 ppm. To ensure the job is done correctly, you may want to enlist the help of a professional pool service company, such as Champions Pool Repair & Service.

Running Your Pool’s Pump Too Often or Not Often Enough

To ensure that your pool’s water is clean and safe for swimmers, it should be filtered once a day. Usually, this takes 8-12 hours. If you do not give the pump enough time to filter all the water, it may become dirty and develop damaging algae. However, if the pump is run too often, it becomes overworked and burns out much more quickly. Running the pool pump once a day for a maximum of 12 hours is enough to keep your pool healthy without causing any damage.

At Champions Pool Repair & Service, we understand that your pool is a place to gather with friends and family for fun times that will lead to great memories. However, if you have unintentionally damaged your pool with one of these mistakes, the fun may need to be postponed. If you are noticing that your pool has become damaged, contact Champions Pool Repair & Service. Our professionals will have your pool running like new again in no time.

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