4 Shocking Factors That Affect the Way Your Pool Looks

Whether you’re just starting to build the pool of your dreams, or you want to update your pool with a beautiful new look, the color of your pool’s water can dramatically enhance your pool’s beauty. At Champions Pool Repair & Service, we understand that pool owners want to make the right decision for their pool, so we’ve laid out some surprising factors that can affect the color of the water:

  1. The Depth of the Water

While we all know that deeper water will appear darker in the ocean, does this same principal apply to your pool? Essentially, yes, any body of water will be darker in deeper areas, including your pool. However, when you look at the shallow water above your pool steps, you’re not seeing the color of the water, but rather the color of the finish. The change in color due to depth isn’t noticed until further out in the pool, where there is more water covering the surface. Let’s say you finished your pool with black tile – the water by the top steps may pick up the gold in the finish, while the deepest part of the pool may appear emerald green. This is simply due to deeper water in the middle of the pool, where the golden tones aren’t able to be picked up by the sun.


  1. Accents in Your Pool

For those who are wanting to purposefully change the color of their pool’s water, accents may be the perfect option. Accent stones or glass beads can help make a standard blue pool’s water look like sapphires. These accents help enhance water color by picking up the light from the sun and reflecting it against your pool. For an even more dramatic color change, accents can be tinted to add the color of your liking to your water.


  1. Environmental Conditions

Did you know that factors like the sun and the water can affect the color of your pool’s water? It’s true – environmental factors do play a role. The sun can help bring out the color of the water on a bright, clear day, creating a beautiful blue color that any pool owner will love. However, on a grey and cloudy day, the water may not appear as vibrant. This is because the surface of your pool directly reflects the color of the sky. When the sky is a beautiful blue, your pool will pick up these hues, and when the sky is grey, your pool will likewise look a bit duller.


  1. Acid Washes

While many people may think that acid washes will lighten the pool, they actually produce the opposite effect. Harsh acid washes can darken the finish of your pool, meaning the color you expected when picking out your finish may not be the color that actually shows in your pool. Take care when considering an acid wash for your pool if you wish to retain the color of your pool’s water.


Your pool is a perfect way to beautify your backyard, meaning that color is an important factor to many Spring, Texas, residents. At Champions Pool Repair & Service, we are committed to helping you build and maintain the pool of your dreams. Give us a call at (281) 355-8504 or visit us at http://www.championspools.com/pool-remodeling/.

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