5 Things to Look Out for to Keep Your Pool Safe for Swimmers

Swim season is here, and pool owners in Spring, Texas, want to ensure that the water in their pool is healthy for swimmers. However, there are certain factors that can negatively impact the water chemistry of your pool, leaving it potentially unsafe for swimmers and the overall condition of your pool. The pool experts at Champions Pool Repair & Services understand that you want your pool in the best shape possible, so we’ve listed 5 factors that can have a negative impact on your water chemistry.

  1. The Sun

The sun can cause a problem for the water chemistry in your pool. As the sun causes the water in your pool to evaporate, chlorine and other important chemicals in the water begin to become less effective. The sun’s UV rays become an especially troublesome issue in a salt chlorinated pool. The UV light can actually speed up the conversion of chlorine turning back into salt. To protect your pool, be sure to add a chlorine stabilizer to the water, which slows down the conversion of chlorine to salt caused by the sun.



  1. Heat

Residents of Spring, Texas, are no strangers to heat, but did you know that the hot temperatures can negatively impact your water chemistry? As the temperature of your pool rises, it becomes a better environment for bacteria growth. As these bacteria multiply, they quickly consume free chlorine and can cause “scaling” in your pool. Prevent this issue by keeping your pool within the ideal temperature range of 78 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit (or below 104 degrees Fahrenheit for a hot tub).



  1. Swimmers

The more time your friends and family spend in your pool, the greater the likelihood that your pool’s water chemistry will be affected. Everything from shampoo, perfume, hairspray, and soap can wash off into the water and alter the chemistry. To minimize the negative effects, have swimmers quickly rinse themselves off before entering the pool.



  1. Chemicals

When it comes to keeping your pool in top condition, it’s important to remember that not all pool chemicals are created equally. While it’s understandable to look for the best deal, pool chemicals bought at discount shops may not be the kind of quality needed to maintain healthy water. Instead, it’s best to purchase your pool chemicals from a reputable pool supply store.



  1. Rain Water

Rain water is acidic and will lower the pH level of your pool water. If the pH level drops too low, the water can become corrosive, damaging your pool’s equipment and surfaces. In addition, rain water can dilute the chemicals in the water, meaning you may suddenly find yourself with cloudy water or an outbreak of algae. To avoid these problems, it’s vital to test the pool water following a rainstorm and making any needed adjustments.


The pool can bring you and your family hours of fun, but it’s important to make sure that the water chemistry levels are within a healthy range for swimmers and to keep you pool in the best shape possible. To get your pool ready for this year’s swim season, give Champions Pool Repair & Services a call at (281) 355-8504.

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