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5 Ways You Can Turn Your Summer Pool Party into A Success

Summertime means fun in the sun and lots of time by the pool. Especially living in North Houston, this gives our community an advantage during the summer. Our summers seem to last longer since the sun sticks around all the way from May to September. So, if you are looking to have some fun this summer in your own backyard, consider a pool party with all your friends and family. Add a few of these ideas to your next party or poolside BBQ and see how many compliments you get for being an excellent host.

1. Choose a Theme for Your Pool Party

If you want to host a summer pool party in late July or early August, don’t worry about choosing a theme. You don’t have to celebrate a specific holiday for your pool party. Celebrate the summer and your closest friends. May, June and July all have holidays, but don’t be afraid to experiment with other pool party themes. So, here’s a few pool party themes to help you start planning:

• Luau
• ‘80s theme
• White party
• Mermaid theme
• Glow in the dark

2. Load Up on Pool Toys and Pool Accessories

You may already have pool toys and pool accessories from a previous party. However, pool games and pool floats are a must. Your local pool supplies store in Spring, Texas will have a variety of innertubes and floats for you to bring to your summer pool party. Mix and match your pool accessories to please all your guests. If you decide on a pool party theme, find accessories that match.

3. Feed Your Friends and Family

It’s not a party if your missing food and snacks. Swimming burns lots of energy so make sure you have a few dishes so your friends and family can refuel. Champions Pool Repair & Service recommends BBQ for your summer pool party. Ask one person to be the official grill master so they can monitor the BBQ while everyone else is in the pool. Grilling is a smart choice because you can cook chicken, steak, hot dogs and even vegetables.

4. Create a Summer Pool Party Playlist

This may be the hardest task when planning your pool party this summer. There are tons of great songs and artists that fit perfectly for summertime by the pool. The best advice is to stick with your theme. For example, if you are doing a luau pool party, find Hawaiian music for your playlist. If you are planning an ‘80s pool party, pick songs from popular 1980s bands. Some pool party themes may not work with a specific genre as easily. Look to Pandora or Spotify for some playlist inspiration in this case.

5. Don’t Forget the Decorations

Last, but not least, decorate your backyard with fun decorations. You can even create some of the decorations on your own with simple do-it-yourself instructions. Your pool party decorations will tie into your theme so plan accordingly. A party store will also have decorations that you can use. For more pool party ideas, contact Champions Pool Repair & Service in Spring, Texas. We have pool accessories and pool supplies so your swimming pool is always ready to party in Spring, Texas.

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