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The advantages of a small business over a large one is a matter of preference, especially in the pool service industry. Homeowners often ask, “What are the benefits of a small-scale business?” The answer – There are many advantages to utilizing a small business vs large ones. Here are a few:

Champions Knows the Pool Service Niche

Large corporations offer a wide variety of services that may benefit a larger number of consumers. Whereas, small businesses usually offer a smaller selection of specialized services and products, customized for their customers. Homeowners may think large corporations are the way to go. In reality, small businesses have less staff turnover, and they know their customers. They provide trusted and reliable services and spend their time training and learning the ins and outs of their niche, ensuring consistent quality.  Since Champions Pool specializes in pool service, such as cleaning, maintenance, remodeling, and repairs, you can rest assured they’re the best at what they do.

They Live & Work in your Community

Chains and franchises tend to care and know less about each individual customer. For local small businesses, every customer matters. Small businesses sustain themselves through their reputation and the relationships they build with their community. Each individual customer interaction matters greatly. Champions Pool understands the importance of maintaining their reputation and ensures every client receives friendly, personable, and top-notch services and products.

Champions Pool Adapts Quickly

Larger businesses have a chain of command, from the CEO and down. Their main headquarter is probably located elsewhere. It can be irritating waiting for a response to correct a policy or problem that has caused issues. You may spend hours on the phone, being transferred several times, without the issue ever being corrected. With a small business, the owner is most likely present daily. They sincerely care about all of their customers and will always resolve any dissatisfaction quickly. Champions Pool adapts quickly and will rectify any problem, without going through a chain of command.

The advantages of a small business over a large one are client-centric experiences and personal service. Support small businesses in your community. The benefit of “everyone knowing your name” is underrated.

Experience the value of a small business, specializing in pool service and maintenance, in your neighborhood. Call Champions Pool at (281)355-8504 or visit to schedule a service today!

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