Can’t Decide Which Pool Filter Is Right for You? We Can Help!

Choosing the right filter for your pool can be a challenging task. Pool owners want a filter that will not only keep their pool clean, but also fit their needs and lifestyle. At Champions Pool Repair & Service, we understand that determining which filter is best for your pool is an important part of pool maintenance, so we’ve laid out some information that can help you on your search for the perfect filter:

Cartridge Filters:

These filters are quite popular due to their energy efficiency, making them a cost-effective option for many pool owners. The filter has a large surface area, which creates minimal resistance and allows the filter to run most efficiently at lower speeds. Another key benefit of a cartridge filter is that no backwashing is required. However, that does not mean that the filter can be left alone. Cartridge filters require replacement around every 3 years, and the filter cartridge must be cleaned at least once per season. Additionally, those who have a large pool may not find a cartridge filter practical to keep their pool clean.


Sand Filters:

As their name suggests, sand filters use large tanks of sand to filter your pool’s water. These filters are known for their durability and usually last around 7 years before the sand needs to be replaced. The replacement is also quite inexpensive, making a sand filter ideal for those who do not want to spend large amounts of money to upkeep their filter.  However, sand filters do require weekly backwashing, which can lower the water level in your pool and create the need to replace lost water weekly. A sand filter also ranks lower in terms of energy efficiency, meaning you may notice a higher energy bill with this kind of filter.


DE Pool Filters:

DE filters, also called diatomaceous earth pool filters, utilize powdered fossils of diatoms to help keep your pool’s water clean. The filter is coated with the DE powder, which is able to trap extremely small particles, and provides the clearest water out of the several types of filters. However, DE pool filters do require higher maintenance costs, as the DE powder must be replaced after a monthly backwashing.


The kind of filter that works best for your pool depends on many factors, like the size of your pool, the amount of time you are willing to dedicate to maintenance, and the environment surrounding your pool. For help choosing the best filter for your pool, give Champions Pool Repair & Service a call at (281) 355-8504.

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