The downside of having your own pool is that it requires a large amount of maintenance. That’s why residents in Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas leave the work to Champions Pool Service and Repair. And now it’s even easier to hire our services. The Louetta location in Spring, Texas, is still thriving, but we have opened a new location on Kuykendahl Road in Tomball, so existing and new customers in this area can utilize Champions for their cleaning pool service near you, as well as help you if you are in need of a pool repair.

Cleaning and Maintenance

It is imperative to keep up with regular maintenance and care to maintain the life and enjoyment of your pool. With so many boxes to check when it comes to keeping up with your pool, it can become difficult and time consuming. While for some it may be an option to spend the time cleaning and keeping up with maintenance, for most others outsourcing the job to a reputable pool cleaning and maintenance company saves them time and energy ensuring the job is done correctly every time.

What Causes Dirty Pools?

A pool can get dirty and unsanitary from algae growth or with just the wind blowing, shaking off leaves from nearby trees and falling into the water. Anything blown from the wind will impact the quality of your pool water, such as insects, debris, dust, and leaves or twigs that fall into the pool. It is especially important to get the balance right with chemicals to fix the damage done by these conditions. You need to check your pool chemicals a few times within a week, ensuring you sanitize the pool with chlorine and make sure to keep your pH balanced.

Consultation and Inspections

If your pool is not working properly and you are unable to fix or identify the issue, you should contact a pool repair service immediately. A professional pool inspector can walk you through identifying the problem or designate the source.

If the operating equipment is not in good condition, this can cause more expensive damage in the future. The inspector can test the equipment—such as the filters, pumps, and heaters for proper functionality and overall performance.

Outside elements like falling insects can cause a pool to deteriorate sooner than expected. Even just the wear and tear from regular enjoyment of the pool can cause damage. A pool inspection will check out the interior finish, the tile and decking near or around the pool, and any concrete flooring or pavers to ensure that everything is safe and up to standard.

Lastly, the working order of the plumbing and the electrical systems will be looked at. The most common items tested are signs of leaking and proper drainage.

Pool Remodeling and Renovations

It’s not unheard of to remodel your pool or make renovations when you already have a pool, but sometimes the pool in your backyard needs a change-up.

Pool remodeling companies can completely overhaul your pool. They can resurface dull or damaged pools with new plaster, upgrade your old pool equipment, or install energy-saving solar heating.

Many choose to remodel because the pool length is too short, and you can’t do laps. Others want additions to the pool, such as a waterfall or custom rock feature or bringing in custom lighting and adding a spa to the pool area.

Whatever the reason, giving your pool a whole new makeover can make you and your family their own private getaway. Before a reno, your pool was a place to hang out. After a reno, your pool will become your backyard private resort.

Pool Repair

Your pool may need a repair if it’s showing age or if its deteriorating due to normal wear and tear. The most common pool repairs are cracks and leaks. If you see cracks, it is time to resurface your pool.

If the pool is leaking and losing water, this is serious, and you should not attempt to fix the problem. Call a pool repair company immediately before more costly damages take place.

If the pool has leaks in the plumbing, this may mean the plumbing has overextended its life and must be completely replaced.

Bioguard Pool Supplies

We are a proud distributor of Bioguard Pool Supplies and use these pool chemical and pool supply products on every house call when performing pool maintenance and cleaning. We trust that these products are of the highest quality to ensure the longevity of our client’s pools. Our Bioguard supplies are professional quality pool care products from a trusted name in the industry.

Bioguard designs products for pool owners who are looking for affordable pool chemical supplies without having to skimp out on performance and value. Using Bioguard products regularly can ensure your pool is always safe and enjoyable to swim in.

If the pool has leaks in the plumbing, this may mean the plumbing has overextended its life and must be completely replaced.

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