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Having a pool makes a world of difference during the hot lazy days of summer. Families who have a pool are often hosts to relatives and friends when the months start to heat up. You can relax in your pool after a hard day at work, or you can watch your children have fun playing on a weekend while enjoying dinner outside.

Pools are fun but require a lot of maintenance. You must consistently check the water’s chemicals to ensure all levels are balanced and safe for swimmers. If the chemicals are not at an optimal level, you may have to use specific chemical balancing products other than just chlorine. Adding agents to your pool to correct something like a pH issue requires the use of sodium bisulfate or muriatic acid. If not done by a trained professional, adding these chemicals can be dangerous to your health. The sodium powder particles can float through the air when adding to the water and get into your eyes and onto your skin, causing irritation. Muriatic acid can also cause issues such as burns to your skin if you are not careful. The acid’s vapor, if ingested, can lead to severe respiratory problems.

Hiring a professional like Champions Pool Service & Repair is your best bet for quality pool care and service to keep it swim ready all year round. It’s always better for the health and lifespan of the pool, as well as your investment of time and money, to hire a swimming pool service or pool service professional. Leave it to the pros at Champions for regular maintenance to keep your pool a beautiful centerpiece to your backyard.

Champions professionals will routinely clean and maintain your pool on a schedule that works best for you at a price you can’t beat. We pride ourselves on always using professional quality cleaning products, equipment, and supplies from the trusted brand Bioguard. Our service professionals will make sure to scrub down all the walls and tiles of your swimming pool to ensure it is free from algae and debris before vacuuming to leave beautifully blue sparkling water.

We provide more than just cleaning! As a leader in swimming pool services in Spring, Tomball, and The Woodlands, Texas, areas, Champions Pool Repair & Service also performs most all repairs as a result of damages or leaks. After an assessment from one of our pool professionals, we will either recommend a repair or a replacement to get your pool back to blue.

Champions started in Spring, Texas, and is still going strong because we tackle any job related to your pool and even do pool remodeling and renovations near you. We have a large stock of all the Bioguard pool supplies you need that never skimp out on performance and value.

Champions Pool Service and Repair Near You: New Location Now Open

We are excited to inform you we have expanded our store to a new Champions Pool Repair and Service location! We’re still open and thriving at our Louetta location in, Spring, Texas, but now have a second store open on Kuykendahl Road in Tomball, Texas, for quality pool care. Our expansion means that we are able to cover larger areas outside of Spring and Tomball for all your pool needs.

Our new store in Tomball has all the same great products as our Spring location with the same amazing prices. We have the best technicians for repairs and maintenance, so every day and all season long, your pool will be beautifully clear and clean.

If you’re interested in any of our pool services, come in and visit one of our Champions Pool Repair and Supplies locations in the Spring and Tomball areas. As a welcome to the neighborhood, we are offering a 10% discount on all first-time purchases at the NEW Creekside store. To place an order or speak to a member of our staff, you can reach the Louetta store at (281) 355-8504 or our new location in Tomball, Texas, at (346) 336-6713.

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