How To Close Your Pool To Make Your Springtime Opening Easier

We are all sad to see summertime go. No more pool parties, laying out working on a tan, cannonballs in the deep end, or watching your kids or grandkids splash around as they laugh and play. Yes, it is a sad time because the season here in Houston, Texas is changing. We don’t get a lot of hard-core winters like most people get across the United States, but we do get a change in the weather. Hurricane season is here and it is that time for most people in Houston close their pool. Winterizing is the most important thing you can do to make your springtime pool opening as easy as possible. Here are a few tips to help you make your pool closing an easier one:

Begin Winterizing Your Pool Early: It is recommended by BioGuard, the trusted pool experts, that you begin closing your pool a week before the season ends. By adding the necessary chemicals to your pool prior to closing, you will help keep algae from forming.


Brush and Vacuum to Remove All Debris: Clean your pool before your close it down for the winter to help prevent algae buildup. Removing all the debris now will make your springtimeopening much easier.

Manage Water Level: In Houston, Texas we don’t have freezing temperatures often. So, there’s no need to lower the water level. In fact, you should add water to your pool. Water should be filled to the top, almost to the point of overflowing.

Shock and Chlorinate Your Pool: Shocking your pool kills any bacteria that might linger in your pool during the winter. It helps keep your pool clean.

Backwash Your Filter: It is recommended to allow your filter to run a full cycle before backwashing and chemically cleaning it. This will help remove any last-minute debris and particles that are in the pool.

Add a Safety Cover: Adding a cover to your pool will help keep the debris out.

Monitor Your Chemical Balance: Yes, even though you are not using the pool, you still have to monitor chemical levels. Using a test kit and routinely checking your pool’s water chemistry will help your springtime opening go much more smoothly.

Whether you completely cover your pool or just reduce maintenance, Champions Pool can make winterizing painless. If you have any questions or need help winterizing your pool, you can always count on your trusted authorized BioGuard Dealer, Champions Pool. Give us a call today at 281-355-8504 and talk to a certified pool expert about winterizing your pool.


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