Considering Leaving Your Pool Open for the Winter? Read This Article First

Because of our winters here in Texas, pool owners do not necessarily have to close their pool to help it survive frigid temperatures. While it is recommended to close your pool for the off-season, no matter where you live, some Spring, Texas, pool owners wonder if closing their pool is really that important. At Champions Pool Repair & Service, we know that closing your pool helps keep it at its best, so we’ve laid out some reasons you may want to consider closing your pool this season:

  1. Protect Your Equipment

Winters in Spring, Texas, can bring some heavy rain storms. Should a winter storm cause the electricity to go out, it could mean bad news if you have not closed your pool. If the conditions are right, this can cause the water in the pool’s filtration and plumbing systems to freeze. As a result, you’ll be in for some expensive repairs to get your pool ready to enjoy next swim season. Taking the time to close your pool, which includes draining the pump and filter of water, can protect your equipment and prevent problems.


  1. Your Saltwater System May Not Work

For those with a salt water pool, choosing to keep your pool open during the off season can lead to an issue with the salt chlorine generators. Typically, these generators stop working when the temperature drops to about 60 degrees Fahrenheit. While this isn’t a major problem, it can mean your pool isn’t as sanitized as it should be. Those wanting to keep their saltwater pool sanitized during the off season may want to speak to a pool store about an alternative to salt for this time.


  1. Closing Your Pool Saves You Money on Electricity

Leaving your pool open during the off season means you’ll need to run your pump to keep your pool maintained. While most pool owners have the option to run their pump at a lower speed, it can still add up on your electricity bill. During the 4-6 months of the off-season, a pool pump can add a few hundred dollars on your energy bill, versus closing the pool, which can help keep costs lower.


  1. Debris May Build Up in Your Pool

Twigs, dead leaves, and other debris can build up in your pool during the off season if you choose to keep it open. When you close your pool, typically you cover it to protect the water. However, those who keep their pool open have no need to cover their pool, and as a result, often find themselves needing to clean their pool on a cold winter’s day. To keep your pool clean, it’s best to close it and cover it with a protective, fitted safety cover.


Closing your pool is important, no matter where you live. It helps keep your pool protected and in top shape for the next swim season. If you need an expert opinion on closing your pool this season, give Champions Pool Repair & Service a call at (281) 355-8504.

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