Don’t Leave Your Pool Abandoned – This Can Help You Enjoy Your Pool All Year Long

Each summer, your pool is one of the main attractions of your home. It’s a place to make family memories, exercise, and enjoy the company of guests. However, when winter comes many people retire their pool for the season, leaving it untouched for months. However, a pool heater can help solve this problem. At Champions Pool Repair & Service, we believe you should be able to enjoy your pool, regardless of the season, so we’ve listed out some benefits a pool heater can provide:

  1. Year-Round Swimming

What could be better than being able to swim and splash around all year long? A heater makes this possible. By being able to keep the pool at a warm, comfortable temperature, you can safely swim in your pool without the danger that comes along with being in cold water for too long.


  1. Get Your Kids Active

With colder weather, your children may spend the season indoors, watching TV and playing video games. While these can be fun pasttimes, they aren’t the most physically active. Get your kids up-and-moving while having fun by heating up the pool. They will be outdoors and reaping the benefits of being active, rather than lounging around the house the whole season.


  1. Squeeze in Your Winter Workout

For those who like to work out outdoors, winter may put a halt on your fitness regime. A heated pool can help you stick to your outdoor exercise routine without the risk of becoming too cold. Simply adjust the water temperature to whatever feels comfortable, and keep your fitness routine going all-year long.


  1. Have Others Over

Those who enjoy having their neighbors and friends over for outdoor pool parties may find their social life on hold when the pool season is over. However, a heater can make pool parties possible, even in winter. Your pool will be a comfortable temperature for all your friends and neighbors to enjoy.


  1. Avoid Damage Caused by Cold Weather

The lining or tiling in your pool can break or buckle from winter’s cold, fluctuating temperatures. Additionally, cold temperatures can cause issues with your pool’s plumbing system. A heater provides your pool with a constant flow of warm water, which can prevent damage to the structure and plumbing system.


A pool heater can be a great addition to your Spring, Texas home. Those lacking a pool heater may be missing out on some key benefits. If you’re considering adding a heater to your pool, give Champions Pool Repair & Service a call at (281) 355-8504. We are a leading name in pool services and repairs in the Spring, Texas area.

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