Don’t Let Freezing Temperatures Ruin Your Pool! Protect it With These Tips

The weather report is predicting that freezing temperatures are coming to the Spring, Texas, area. While these weather conditions are great for getting into the holiday spirit, they can pose a potential risk for damage to your pool. At Champions Pool Repair & Service we understand that, while damage caused by freezing temperatures is rare here, it is important to know how to protect your pool from the cold weather. We’ve laid out the tips you need to know to keep your pool damage-free during a cold-spell:


  1. Make Sure You Maintain the Water Level

While it’s always important to make sure your pool has the proper amount of water in it, it is especially important during the winter months, especially if freezing temperatures are predicted. If your pool’s water levels are too high or too low, it can lead to damage that will, in turn, lead to expensive repairs. Keep your water level within the middle of your pool’s skimmer to allow water to flow consistently and maintain a warmer water temperature.

  1. Run Your Pool Heater

On days where temperatures are freezing, it’s important to keep your pool heater running to maintain a water temperature about 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Typically, you’ll need to run your heater for about 12 hours, and it’s best to run it at night when temperatures are at their lowest. To help keep the water even warmer, use a pool cover to prevent heat from escaping.

  1. Adjust Your Pool Jets

Did you know that adjusting your pool jets to an up-ward angle can help protect your pool from freeze damage? While it doesn’t speed up the heating process, it does change the way your pool heater keeps the water warm. Angling your pool’s return jets sends heat towards the water’s surface, helping to prevent any ice that may form.

  1. Run Your Filter Pump

On the cold winter days where temperatures reach freezing levels, make sure to run your filter pump at all times. By keeping your filter pump constantly running, heated water is able to be circulated in your pool, allowing the water temperature to remain above the freezing point. This helps prevent issues like cracking equipment or frozen pipes, which require the help of a Spring, Texas, pool technician to address.

  1. Make Sure All Pool Valves are Open

If you switched your pool valve from the “open” position during the swim season, be sure to switch it back before the freezing temperatures arrive. Keeping your pool’s valves open helps keep your water warm and circulating properly. Take a few moments to inspect the valves and ensure they are all set to the “open position” before any damage to your pool occurs.


While freezing temperatures aren’t common in Spring, Texas, it’s important to know how to protect your pool when they do occur. To help get your pool ready for cold winter temperatures, give the pool experts at Champions Pool Repair & Service a call at (281) 355-8504.

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