Why You Should Forget Everything You Learned About Pool Cleaning

There is no doubt about it. You must regularly sanitize your pool if you or any guests ever want to go swimming. There are endless reasons why you should maintain the cleanliness of your pool. In addition to the appearance of your swimming pool, there are several health concerns with dirty pool water. Even though we know pool cleaning is important, consider what happens when you forget to sanitizer your pool water. Each week your pool needs sanitizing. If your pool needs cleaning or you have questions about the condition of your pool, contact Champions Pool Repair & Service.

1. Bacteria Living in Your Pool

Bacteria is not always bad. Our bodies benefit from some forms of bacteria. However, if your pool goes more than a week without sanitizing and cleaning, this creates an environment for harmful bacteria. Bacteria lives and grows when pool water gets dirty. If it takes longer for your pool to undergo basic cleaning, more and more bacteria will develop. Again, some bacteria are innocent. If you or your children are swimming in a dirty pool, be aware of the risks and dangerous. Bad bacteria lead to illness and diseases.

2. Hosting Contagious Viruses

Even worse than bacteria organisms are virus strands. A virus survives with a host. For example, animals, people and pool water are common hosts. The main reason why viruses are worse than bacteria is that they are contagious. A virus can spread easily in dirty water. You cannot control already existing viruses, but a clean pool makes it difficult for the virus to disperse. You do not want your pool to pick up a life-threatening virus. Sanitizer your pool every week to lower the risk of hosting a contagious water virus.

3. Exposing Protozoa Parasites

The top reason why you clean and sanitize your pool each week is because of protozoa. Protozoa are living parasites. Parasites are like bacteria and viruses in a few ways because parasites live inside a host, but are too small for us to see. Protozoa can also thrive in your pool water, in addition to bacteria and viruses. Often, protozoa contaminate dirty water and they enter the body any time a person swallows the water. Unfortunately, younger children are more at risk since their swimming skills are still developing. The easiest solution to avoid protozoa parasites is adding water sanitizers to your pool each week.

Advice for Pool Cleaning and Sanitizing

Even though pool sanitizers are extremely important, pool owners forget to clean the water until it’s too late. This should be done each week to eliminate any bacteria, virus or protozoa from growing in your pool. If you have a busy schedule, set a weekly reminder for pool cleanings. You can also call Champions Pool Repair & Service. Our technicians will clean the pool for you and handle all the sanitization. If you know that you need help with pool cleaning or you want to keep your pool as safe as possible for your family, trust a professional pool service.

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