Learn How to Close a Pool from Our Team

Cooler temperatures have arrived, meaning it’s time to start closing your pool. This is a simple yet necessary task to keep your pool clean during the off-season. Our team knows learning how to close a pool can be overwhelming. To help with the confusion, we recommend the following steps:

  • Address Your Water

Your pool’s water must be balanced and cleaned before closing. Failing to clean debris allows leaves, twigs, and other contains to disintegrate and breakdown into the water during the cooler months. This leads to murky water containing dangerous bacteria. Thoroughly cleaning the water ensures sanitary water, keeping your swimmers safe next opening season. Chemicals are also essential, balancing pH, calcium hardness, and alkalinity. Your chemical levels should equal:

  • pH: 7.2 – 7.8
  • Calcium Hardness: 180 – 220 ppm
  • Alkalinity: 80-120 ppm


  • Drain Equipment

Leaving water in your pool equipment risks frozen components. This leads to cracks, leaving you with expensive repairs. Draining the equipment prevents this issue. Utilize drain plugs, removing water from the heater, pump, filter, and chlorinator. Remove the filter and clean it thoroughly for the closing season.

  • Cover the Pool

Pool covers are essential for closing. A cover prevents an unused pool from accumulating debris, preserves water cleanliness, and aids in the prevention of evaporation. Ensure your cover fits securely. Mesh safety covers are ideal, allowing water to pass through. This eliminates needing a pump, eradicating additional off-season maintenance.

Understanding how to close a pool is essential to keeping the water healthy during the offseason. Ensure your pool is ready for next swim season! Call our team at (281) 355-8504 or visit http://www.championspools.com/contacts/ for pool closing products and expert advice.

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