Maintaining Your Pool During the Off-Season

Fall is underway and many pool owners in Spring, Texas, are looking to close down their pool for the off-season. Maintaining your pool during the off-season is just as important as maintaining your pool when it is being heavily used. At Champions Pool Repair & Service, we understand that knowing where to begin with off-season maintenance can be overwhelming, so we’ve listed some tips that can help:

1. Cover Your Pool

By placing a pool cover on your pool, you can ensure that your pool will be protected during the off-season. A cover keeps out debris and animals that may try an enter your pool. Ensure that your pool cover is securely attached to your pool. During the off-season, make sure to check on your pool cover and remove any large debris with a hose. The excess weight from this debris can cause damage and tears in the pool cover.

2. Check Pool Parts

During the off-season, your pool is not in use and it can be easy to forget to maintain some parts of your pool. However, periodic maintenance on these parts during the off-season is important to keep your pool in good condition. Check the pool pump, filter, and heater frequently to make sure everything is working properly. While checking these parts, ensure all excess water is removed as well. If you notice any problems, call a professional pool service company, like Champions Pool Repair & Service. If these problems are ignored, it could mean costly repairs down the road.

3. Check Your Pool Chemistry  

Balancing your pool’s water chemistry is important to keeping your pool clean during the off-season. Balanced pool water prevents waterlines, algae, and bacteria from building up, which makes the opening season much easier. Aim to check your pool chemistry every two months during the off-season.

4.Check Your Pool Chemicals

The off-season is the perfect time to check your pool chemicals. Take some time to check the expiration dates on all of the chemicals you use. Discard any products that are past the expiration date, as they will not perform correctly.


Off-season maintenance is important, but often forgotten part of keeping your pool looking and running at its best. Champions Pool Repair & Service can help with your off-season pool maintenance needs. We are a leading name in pool repair and services in the Spring, Texas, area. Give us a call at (281) 355-8504.




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