Guaranteed No Stress with ALEX for Your Pool Water Analysis

Let ALEX test your pool water. ALEX is a new resource from BioGuard that allows pool owners to better test their pool water. Since the water balance is one of the most important parts of your pool, regularly test the water quality. Above all, this water testing system is changing the way pool technicians and pool owners maintain their swimming pool.

Introducing the ALEX Water Testing System

ALEX is a water analysis expert. With this BioGuard water testing system, a small sample of pool water offers various suggestions and recommendations for your pool. If you are experiencing a chemical imbalance in your pool, visit Champions Pool Repair & Service in Spring, Texas. Our technicians will explain the test results and find the best pool supplies to remove any pH problems or acidity errors. Learn more about your pool water when you visit or call Champions Pool Repair & Service. We also have a wide selection of BioGuard cleaners, oxidizers, algicides, sanitizers and more.

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