It’s Not Easy Being Green – Follow These Steps to Fix a Green Pool

The warmer weather is here in Spring, Texas, and many pool owners are looking forward to splashing around in the sun with friends and family. However, nothing ruins this excitement quite like a green pool. During the winter, when the pool is not being used as frequently, algae may have built up, leaving your pool with an unwelcome green hue. Don’t panic, the pool experts at Champions Pool & Repair Service understand that a green pool can be concerning, so we’ve laid out a few steps to fix your green pool and get it ready for swim season:

  1. Test the Water

To begin fixing your green pool, you’ll want to test the water’s pH levels. Since you will be shocking the pool in the next step, you don’t want the pH levels to be too high, or you will wind up with extremely cloudy water. Make sure the test reads a pH level of 7.2 or below.  If the pH level reads too high, pour one gallon of muriatic acid in the water to lower the levels. You’ll want to test the pH levels once again 4 hours after shocking and circulating the water.


  1. Shock the Pool

Once the pH level is low enough, it’s time to begin shocking the pool. As a leading Spring, Texas, pool supply company, Champions Pool Repair & Service has just the supplies you need for this step. Use five pounds of granular shock, and evenly distribute the product over the water with the filter pump on. Make sure the product covers the entire pool surface and that you use all five pounds of the shock. After a few hours of circulation, it’s a good idea to add some high-quality algaecide to the water as well.


  1. Pumping and Filtering the Water

The process involved in this step depend on what type of pool filter you have. For a diatomaceous earth filter, begin with a backwash, add fresh diatomaceous earth powder, shock the pool, and run the pump for 24 hours. If your pool uses a sand filter, backwash the filter for a minimum of five minutes, add fresh sand, shock the pool, and run the pump for 24 hours. If your pool is equipped with a cartridge filter, simply check to see that the filter is in good condition and rinsed thoroughly.


  1. Filtration & Brushing

Once the chemicals have been circulating for 24 hours, you should notice a dramatic improvement in the color of your pool. However, the water may still be a bit cloudy and require brushing and filtration over the next few days after treatment. If you notice any stubborn areas that are still green, brush the spots thoroughly. Backwash the filter after 24 hours of constant circulation.


  1. Maintaining the Pool

To prevent your pool from turning green again, you’ll want to keep up with your pool’s maintenance. Use a water clarification solution, ensure you have an efficient and reliable chlorinating system, and regularly backwash your filter. Champions Pool Repair and Service is an expert pool maintenance company and can help you keep up with your pool’s needed maintenance services.


A green pool is a major concern for people in the Spring, Texas, area looking to begin the swim season. These simple tips can have you in your pool, enjoying the warm weather, in no time. For expert pool maintenance to keep your pool looking its best, give Champions Pool Repair & Service a call (281)355-8504.

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