Essential Pool Chemicals for Your Water

How necessary are pool chemicals, really? It’s a question many Spring, Texas, pool owners find themselves asking. As the leading name in pool services, Champions Pool Repair & Service knows exactly how important chemicals are to keep your young swimmers safe. We’ve laid out the common chemicals your pool can’t live without:

  1. Balancers

Balancers keep your pool water, well, balanced. pH and alkalinity levels that are too high or too low lead to itchy skin, bacteria formation, and red eyes. Balancers ensure that your water is always at a safe and consistent level. Adding this simple product avoids an uncomfortable day of swimming.



  1. Oxidizers

Picture this: bacteria builds up in your pool and leads to an infection for anyone who steps into the water. This isn’t exactly an ideal swimming experience. Oxidizers solve the problem by eliminating dangerous bacteria growth. This chemical “shocks” the pool and removes lurking particles that can cause swimmers harm.



  1. Algaecides

You take regular care of your pool, so why does algae still form in the water? Despite a pool owner’s best efforts, the battle against algae is constant. That’s why an algaecide is necessary to add to your pool. Algaecide works by adding extra protection from growth on your pool’s tiles and within the water. The result is blue, sparkling water without a hint of green in sight!



  1. Stabilizer

Stabilizer helps optimize your pool’s cleanliness. Simply adding sanitizer to the water isn’t enough – you also need a chemical that prevents the breakdown of chlorine molecules. Stabilizer protects these molecules from UV rays that decrease their effectiveness. Sunlight hitting your pool is unavoidable, but dirty water doesn’t have to be!


Finding the right products for your water is a difficult task. Don’t let a lack of pool chemicals put swimmers in danger! Call us at (281) 355-8504 or visit us at to find the best products for your pool.

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