Prevent a Cloudy Pool After Rain

Who wants to deal with a cloudy pool after rain? Getting your water clear again is overwhelming if you don’t prepare beforehand. The Champions Pool team knows you don’t want to encounter this frustrating problem. Prevent cloudy water by:

  • Checking Your Filter

Always check your filter before a storm arrives. Malfunctioning equipment can’t perform properly, meaning you’ll be stuck with murky, muddy water after the rain. Call an expert if you notice issues with the filter, including scaling or broken components. Ignoring the problem leads to poor water circulation, keeping your pool cloudy long after the storm passes.

  • Put Away Furniture & Accessories

Heavy winds blow furniture and pool accessories into your pool. The grime and bacteria on these objects promote foggy & cloudy water. Storing all loose items indoors prevents them from entering the water. Check to ensure all lounge chairs, cushions, pool floats, and decorative accessories are placed indoors before a storm arrives. 

  • Schedule a Maintenance Service

Preparing your water before a rainstorm hits prevents cloudiness afterwards. You need to add the proper amount of chemicals, including algaecide, stabilizer, and chlorine. Who has time to do it themselves? Schedule a professional maintenance service to save time and ensure properly balanced water. An expert will know exactly what your pool needs, avoiding unsightly water after a storm.

Autumn brings an increased risk of heavy rain, meaning you must be prepared to avoid murky water. Don’t take on the task yourself! Call our expert team at (281) 355-8504 or visit to prevent cloudy water after rain.

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