Schedule Your Pool Equipment Repair Before Summer Ends

Summer is winding down, meaning homeowners are getting the last few weeks out of the swim season. Failing pool equipment takes the joy out of summer, leading to major problems with your backyard paradise. The team at Champions Pool Repair & Service knows malfunctioning equipment ruins your summer. Our pool equipment repair services fix these frustrating problems:


  1. Cold Water

Cool, refreshing water is great in the summer, but your water shouldn’t be ice-cold. Your pool heater prevents your water from becoming frigid. Swimmers with chattering teeth are a good indicator of a broken heater, meaning it’s time to contact our team. We can keep your swimmers comfortable with a simple repair.


  1. Decreased Water Flow Rate

Your pool’s water flow should remain consistent. Sudden variations in water flow indicate there is a pressure problem in your pool. This is caused by issues with the pool pump, preventing water from being properly pulled into the equipment. Don’t try to fix this issue yourself. You’ll just exacerbate the problem, possibly causing extensive damage. A quick call to our team relieves the pressure of pump malfunctions.


  1. Water Coming Out of Waste Line

Water should stop flowing out of the waste line when you finish backwashing your filter. A continuous leak means there’s a problem. The source could be a faulty spider gasket or a loose spring within the equipment. Don’t try diagnosing the problem yourself. Searching through the delicate mechanical components will only cause permanent damage. You need one of our pros to find the source of the issue and address it correctly.


Malfunctioning equipment cuts your swim season short, causing expensive issues. Save your pool before summer ends! Call our team at  (281) 355-8504 or visit to schedule a pool equipment repair.

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