Schedule Regular Pool Maintenance | Avoid Swim Pool Repairs

Many homeowners eagerly anticipate taking a dip in their pools, once the warmer months roll around. Unfortunately, there’s no way to sidestep swim pool maintenance. The upkeep creates a safe environment for swimming, and it extends the longevity of your pool and pool equipment. New pool equipment and a swim pool repair can become costly. Save money and time by following these easy tips:

Pool Maintenance

The first component to pool Maintenance is keeping your pool healthy with regular pool cleaning. Your pool maintenance and cleaning schedule will depend on the frequency you use your pool. Many cleaning tasks will need to be done weekly. Those who don’t swim often may be able to follow a bi-weekly schedule. Pool maintenance involves adjusting the chemicals in the water and maintaining the sides, bottom, and filtration system. Vacuuming a pool is also required to remove buildup and debris from the bottom and sides of the structure.

Importance of  Balancing Pool Chemicals

Pool chemicals help prevent bacteria and algae from building up in your swimming water. To keep the chlorine from following below 1 ppm and alkalinity dipping below 90 ppm, weekly shock treatments are often recommended. Shocking a pool removes irritants that cause cloudy water and strong odors. Extra shock treatments may be required in the event of heavy rains, high temperatures, extra swimmers in the pool, or other situations.

Swim Pool Repair

A part of pool maintenance requires you to be aware of any potential problems with your pool and pool equipment. A small swim pool repair could easily turn into a major replacement, if not addressed early on. If you notice a tear in your pool lining or your filter does not seem to be running the way it should, don’t wait to call us. Don’t allow a major replacement, causing missed valuable time in your pool, with our Texas warm weather right around the corner. Call Champions Pool & Repair Services at (281) 355-8504 or Visit to Schedule Your Pool Maintenance, Pool Cleaning, and/or Swim Pool Repair needs today!

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