Trust Our Pros with Your Pool Pump Repair

Problems with your pool’s pump are easily ignored. Many homeowners don’t know the importance of this essential component. Your pump ensures that your pool remains clean and safe to swim for your family. Champions Pool Repair & Service knows the importance of pool equipment maintenance. We’ve listed problems that occur without a pool pump repair from our pros:


  1. High Energy Bills

Pool pumps control the flow rate for your pool, meaning they determine the amount of water that is circulated. A damaged, clogged, or defective pump works harder to circulate water and consumes more energy. This leads to high energy bills that put a damper on the swim season. A simple call to our experts ensures your pump functions normally and efficiently.


  1. Permanent Damage

Ignoring a pump needing repair leads to permanent damage. Overheating pumps cause deterioration of the mechanical components inside, leading to a complete malfunction. Ignoring the problem means you’ll have to purchase a new pump. Our pool pros repair the problem quickly, avoiding the need for a costly replacement.


  1. Cloudy Water

Pool pumps sucking in air is a cause for concern. Air bubbles in your pool’s water indicate that the pump is not airtight. This results in poor filtration, leading to algae or cloudy water if ignored. Dirty water prevents you from enjoying your pool, but one quick call to our team ensures plenty of summertime fun.


A pool pump plays a larger role than most homeowners realize. Don’t ignore a repair and ruin your summertime fun! Call our team at (281) 355-8504 or visit us at to schedule a service.

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