Is Your Pool Ready for The Start of Swim Season? How to Tell if Your Pool Needs Professional Help

Swim season is here and many Spring, Texas, pool owners are ready to start enjoying fun times in the water with their family and friends. However, if your pool is in need of repairs, you may not be as ready for the start of swim season as you thought. While some issues with your pool can be easily fixed with products from your local pool supply store, there are some repairs that only a pool expert can help you with. Champions Pool Repair & Service understands that you don’t want to miss a single moment of swim season, so we’ve laid out some signs that your pool needs the help of a professional before enjoying the season:

  1. Separating Pool Mastic

Your pool mastic is the expansion seal that helps water from seeping between your pool and decking. If the mastic is separating, it can cause problems like cracks in the surrounding concrete or a flooded deck. No one wants to deal with these headaches during the start of swim season, so if you notice any separation, be sure to give your local pool service company a call.


  1. Cracks on Your Pool Steps

Many pool owners view cracks in their step as a problem that can be dealt with at a later time, but this simply isn’t the case. Even small crack can lead to expensive and even dangerous problems. If these cracks expand, they could weaken the steps and cause them to become less supportive. Keep pool-goers safe this swim season by scheduling a professional pool repair as soon as you notice any cracks in your steps.


  1. Broken Tile

Much like cracked pool steps, broken tiles are another issue that many pool owners believe can be pushed off. However, broken tiles can indicate a major underlying problem. If your pool has broken tiles, it may mean that the substructure is damaged, which will lead to extremely expensive repairs (and less pool time this swim season) if not addressed at the first sign of problems.


  1. Cleaning the Filter Frequently

Your pool’s filter is one of your best friends during swim season. The filter helps keep the pool water clean, so you can enjoy your pool all season long. However, if you notice that you have been cleaning the filter more than usual, it could mean it’s time for a repair.


As the weather gets warmer, Spring, Texas, residents are bound to want to spend more time enjoying their pool. However, if your pool isn’t ready for swim season, you may be missing out on fun times with friends and family. To make sure your pool is ready for the start of the season, give Champions Pool Repair & Service a call at (281) 355-8504. We are Spring, Texas’ leading pool experts.

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