Houston Summer is Coming! Schedule Your Pool Repair

A pool is an expensive part of your home. Houston area residents, protect your investment by taking care of your pool. Without the right products, advice, and maintenance, you’ll find yourself in need of a pool repair quickly.  At Champions Pool Repair & Services, the leaders in pool supplies and repair, we want to prepare homeowners before the brutal Houston Summer arrives. We’ve listed common pool issues. If you have 1 or more from this list, it’s time to call our experts.

  1. Broken Coping Pieces


Coping pieces are usually stone or concrete that caps the shell wall. If you notice a break or chip, it is an early warning sign. While it may not seem like a big deal, that’s not the case. When the coping pieces break or chip, they begin to weaken. Your young swimmers use these pieces to support themselves. It could crumble from their weight.


  1. Cracked Tile


Broken or cracked pool tile is another warning sign. If caught early, you may be able to replace a small portion. If you ignore it, the entirety of your tile may need to be replaced. This can lead to a large repair bill. While cracked or broken tile may just be due to your pool’s age, it can also be far more serious: damage to the substructure. Even if you notice small or minor cracks, it is best to call us for your pool repair service.


  1. Cracked Steps


Cracks on pool steps are not just ugly, they are also a sign of old age. Don’t leave cracks ignored. It will weaken the overall structure of your steps! The cracks will spread and the steps could cave in when swimmers use them, causing a major safety issue. As soon as you notice a small or web-like crack forming on your steps, it is imperative to contact us for an appointment, before an injury occurs.


  1. Loose Plaster


Improperly balanced water is the most common cause of loose plaster in your pool. Typically, only a small portion of the plaster is affected. That doesn’t mean you should wait to schedule a repair. Loose plaster can easily become broken plaster, which causes serious problems, like leaks. With pools, small problems turn into large ones quickly. Our trained professionals can expertly fix any area of your pool, saving you from an extensive leak or large pool repair.


Don’t wait until a small problem turns into a large expensive one. Call us at (281) 355-8504 or visit  http://www.championspools.com/contacts/ to schedule your pool service today!

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