Schedule a Pool Repair Service This Swim Season

Does your pool need a repair service as summer begins? Your pool is unusable without professional grade service. The team at Champions Pool Repair & Service knows that you want to enjoy your pool this summer. We’ve laid out common repairs your pool needs:


  1. Fixing a Leak

A leak is hard to detect during a Texas summer. Is your water loss caused by evaporation…or something worse? Take a measure on the water level in your pool. A rapid decrease means your pool is leaking. Patching the area doesn’t help – you need a professional pool company. Attempting a DIY fix makes the leak worse, leading to further problems.


  1. Addressing Problems with Lining

Tears and rips in pool liners is a common problem. The lining becomes brittle with age and chemical usage, leading to damage from impact or abrasion. Sure, you could patch small tears, but you’ll find yourself spending time and money on a job that ultimately won’t last very long. Trust a professional instead. Our team makes sure to properly address lining tears, avoiding future recurrences.


  1. Pump Motor Repair

Your pool pump uses a motor to circulate and heat water. The first sign of a motor issue is a sky-high energy bill. Pumps needing repairs run continually and waste electricity. A professional repair solves this expensive problem. Equipment should never be handled yourself – you could potentially harm yourself and your pool. Scheduling a repair ensures the job is completed by a skilled expert.


Pools needing repair ruin your summer. Don’t let swim season pass you by! Call our pool professionals at (281) 355-8504 or visit us at to schedule a repair service.





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