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Does the Rain Change the Water Chemistry in My Swimming Pool?

Yes, rain changes the water chemistry in your swimming pool since rainwater is acidic. However, small amounts of rain will not hurt your pool or the water balance. The average pH in your pool is most likely higher than the pH of any rainfall. Your average swimming pool will have a pH level of about 7.5. A pH of 7.5 is safe for swimmers’ eyes and skin so try to maintain this number for a clean pool. If swimmers feel burning in their eyes while swimming, you want to save your pool and adjust the pH balance. You do not want to swim in a pool where the pH is too low or too acidic. Fresh rainfall usually contains a pH level of 5.0. Heavier rains or major storms will alter your swimming pool and the water chemistry.

Should I Change the pH of My Pool When I Know It’s Going to Rain?

Champions Pool Repair & Service does not recommend changing the pH level, even if there is a high chance of precipitation. You can never truly predict when it will rain and how much rain to expect. So, pool owners do not need to change their pH before a heavy rain. If it is a light rain, the pH of your pool will naturally return to its original balance. If Champions Pool Repair & Service handle your pool cleanings, there is nothing to worry about. A swimming pool with consistent stabilizers and cleanings is more likely to bounce back after a short rain. On the other hand, when there is a heavier rainfall, call Champions Pool Repair & Service so we can drain some of the water out of your pool and balance the pH.

Is Rain Always Bad for Pool Water?

In some cases, rain can help your swimming pool. Some pool chemicals need dilution so, rain is a natural way to lower these numbers. For example, the calcium and stabilizer in your pool can benefit from rainwater. You do not want to over stabilize your swimming pool. Rainwater dilutes the stabilizer for you and it does the same as for the calcium.

What Should I Do with My Pool Next Time It Rains?

In short, there is not much you can do to your pool before the rain. Save your pool with attention afterward. Although, this does not mean pool maintenance and pool cleanings are not important. Keep your pool clean and in balance, so maintenance is easier after any rainfall. If you want to be extra careful, there are pool covers available that block some of the rainwater and debris from entering your swimming pool. Ask yourself these questions next time there is a heavy rain:

• When was the last time I cleaned my swimming pool?
• What was the pH balance of my pool water before the rain?
• Do I need help maintaining my swimming pool?

If you cannot answer these questions or you know you need help with swimming pool maintenance, call Champions Pool Repair & Service. Our technicians will keep the pH even before and after the rain. Champions Pool Repair & Service is a local expert for swimming pool cleaning, maintenance and pool supplies in North Houston, Texas. We’ll save your pool so you don’t have to worry.

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