Secret Tips to Keep Swimmers Safe This Season

Now that the weather is warming up in Spring, Texas, many residents are getting ready to open their pool for the new season. However, an open pool can be a dangerous pool if proper safety measures are not taken. At Champions Pool Repair & Service, we understand that you want to keep swimmers safe while in your pool, so we’ve laid out some important pool safety tips you need to know:

  1. Keep All Pool Chemicals Out of Reach

While pool chemicals are essential to keep your water clean, they can pose serious health risks if consumed. Both pets and children may get into your chemicals if they are not properly stored. To avoid an emergency situation, make sure all pool chemicals are out-of-reach. Typically, a pool closet will do the trick, however, if your home does not have an area to store pool chemicals, it’s a good idea to store your products on a shelf that neither children or pets can access. Additionally, make sure all bottles are tightly sealed to avoid the possibility of spilling.


  1. Establish Some Pool Rules

While a pool is a place to have fun and enjoy yourself, it’s a good idea to establish some rules for anyone who may be swimming. This can include keeping all electronics away from the water or only walking around your pool. Ensure that anyone swimming in your pool adheres to these rules in order to prevent a potentially dangerous situation.


  1. Consider Adding a Barrier Around Your Pool

Fencing or other types of barriers are a good idea when it comes to pool safety. Ensure any barrier you add cannot be climbed and is able to lock when there is no one to supervise swimmers. This helps prevent both children and pets from accidently falling in the pool. Additionally, consider adding an alarm to your fence or barrier, as this can alert you if anyone has entered the pool area unattended.


  1. Take a CPR Course

While it is likely you will not need to use CPR with the proper supervision and safety measures, it is a good skill to learn in the event an accident does occur. Many local facilities offer CPR classes to help teach you life-saving skills in the event of an emergency.


While a pool is an excellent place to have fun with the family, it is also important to keep safety in mind. These tips can help swimmers have a fun and safe swim season. For expert pool advice, products, and maintenance service in Spring, Texas, give Champions Pool Repair & Service a call at (281) 355-8504 or visit us at

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