Schedule Your Swimming Pool Maintenance with Us

Your swimming pool needs regular maintenance. Ignoring regular upkeep causes problems, including dirty water, algae buildup, and uncomfortable swimmers. The team at Champions Pool takes the hassle out of pool care. We handle the following maintenance services:

  • Pool Skimming

Pool skimming is essential to keep your water clean. Debris land on the surface of the water, including twigs, leaves, and bugs. This leads to cloudy, unsanitary water. A weekly skim is needed to keep your pool clean. Who has the time for that?! Our experts do the tedious work for you, removing surface debris from your pool and keeping it sparkling.

  • Chemical Testing

Water chemical levels need constant monitoring. Certain chemicals keep the water sanitary, preventing bacteria buildup. Other chemicals ensure swimmers remain comfortable, avoiding eye and skin issues. Problems occur when chemical levels are too low or too high. Deciphering at-home water testing kits can be tricky. Our pool experts monitor your water chemical levels, adjusting as needed, to ensure your pool is healthy and comfortable for swimmers.

  • Tile Cleaning

Pool cleaning includes more than just skimming. Tiles must also be cleaned, preventing algae buildup. Algae accumulation leads to green, cloudy, contaminated water. Preventing this issue is easy with the help of an expert pool company. Our team utilizes professional-grade equipment, including vacuums and scrub brushes. A regularly scheduled tile cleaning keeps your pool algae-free.

Swimming pool maintenance is essential for a clean, healthy pool. Hiring experts ensures your pool receives the required scheduled maintenance that is needed to keep it running optimally and looking great. Don’t get overwhelmed with your pool care needs! Call our pros at (281) 355-8504 to schedule a service.

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