Contact Champions for a Swimming Pool Service

Your swimming pool needs regular service, keeping it clean and healthy for swimmers. Keeping up with maintenance yourself can be a hassle. Utilizing a professional company saves you time and a huge headache, avoiding problems associated with lack of upkeep. Contacting the Champions Pool team for a service prevents the following issues:

  • Wear & Tear Damage

Using your pool frequently leads to general wear and tear damage. Small tile cracks and worn patches in the liner get worse over time. These seemingly small issues easily turn into large ones without an expert addressing them regularly. A professional technician alerts you to these issues, repairing them before they turn into an expensive problem.

  • Dirty Water

Dirty, murky water harbors bacteria, risking your swimmers’ health. Adding the proper chemicals to your water keeps your pool safe. Your water needs various chemicals in different amounts, which can make it hard to determine what exactly to add. Pool companies are trained to know the correct chemical levels for your pool’s needs, keeping the water healthy and bacteria-free.

  • Leaks

Even a small leak leads to an exorbitant water bill. Catching and addressing the problem early is essential. Leaks are hard to spot with an untrained eye. An expert is needed to alert you to the source of the issue. Failing to detect and address the problem only leads to pool damage and higher water and repair costs.

Keeping up with pool maintenance requires diligence. Who has the time? Don’t ignore your home’s investment. Call Champions Pool at (281) 355-8504 or visit to schedule a swimming pool service.

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