Try These 5 Pool Games for Some Family Fun This Summer

School is out, and many pool owners in Spring, Texas, are looking forward to spending time in the pool with their family. Games are a wonderful way to enjoy your pool this summer and create wonderful family memories. At Champions Pool Repair & Service, we understand that the pool is a place to have fun with your family, so we’ve listed out the top pool games to try this summer:

  1. Sharks and Minnows

This classic pool game will help bring hours of entertainment to you and your family this summer. In this game, one player is the “shark,” while the rest are the “minnows.” To start, have the shark swim out to the middle of the pool. Minnow players then dive into the pool and try to make it past the shark. The game ends when all the minnows have either been caught by the shark or make it to the other side of the pool. The first minnow caught then becomes the new shark.


  1. Volleyball

Volleyball can be even more fun when it’s played in your pool. For this game, all you need is a net stretched across your pool and a beach ball. Simply divide up into teams and enjoy hours of fun in the water. Keep in mind to switch sides with the other team after every game, so one team isn’t treading water in the deep end for too long.


  1. Soaked Tee Race

If you’re looking for some friendly competition, try a racing competition with your family this summer. The Soaked Tee Race puts a challenging twist on your standard swimming race. In this game, each racer puts on a large, wet shirt and swims to the other side of the pool and back. The wet shirt adds resistance as each racer swims, making this game a bit more challenging (and fun).


  1. Chicken

For this game, you’ll need at least 4 people. Each player pairs up with another player and chooses someone to sit on their teammate’s shoulders. The players on their teammate’s shoulders attempt to knock the other player into the water. Keep in mind to use some safety measures during this game, such as ensuring no player is close to the sides of the pool.


  1. Find the Bottle

All you need for this game is a clear plastic water bottle. Remove the label from the bottle, fill it up with water, then close your eyes and throw the bottle into the pool. Wait a few seconds for the bottle to sink, then try to find the bottle with your family. The bottle will almost disappear in the water and will be a fun challenge to find.


These pool games will help you enjoy hours of family fun this summer. To get your pool ready for the season, give Champions Pool Repair & Service a call at (281) 355-8504. We’re the leading name in pool services in Spring, Texas.

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