5 Things Your Pool Needs Before Hurricane Harvey

As Houston, Texas prepares for heavy rains and tropical storms, people are wondering how to protect their pool. If you’re a pool owner in the Houston area, how will you adjust to the extreme weather?

1. Make Sure the Water is Balanced
An unbalanced pool will turn green very quickly. During the heavy rain, your pool chemistry balance will be put to the test. Make sure to keep the pH levels in your pool ranging from 7.4 to 7.6.

2. Lower the Water Level
If the power goes out, you won’t be able to lower the water level. Try this using the siphon technique. A pool vacuum hose works best. Prime the hose within the pool, to fill it water, and connect a vacuum head or use a dense item to position the hose on the pool steps or the pool ladder. Cap the opposite end of the hose with your palm and quickly pull the hose from the pool and a few feet below the water level. Uncap the hose at ground level and let it flow! Make sure to keep a careful watch on it, though.

3. Shock the Pool
Put a quart of BioGuard backup or Algae 60 in the pool. You want the chlorine to be very high. Champions Pool is an official partner of BioGuard and can help you with all of your pool shock chemical needs.

4. Purchase a Jandy Leaf Master
If you’re going to be without power for several days, you’ll want to purchase a Jandy Leaf Master. It works off the water pressure and get the debris off the bottom of the pool without stopping up the plumbing lines. You can find one at your local Champions Pool Repair for $49.99.

5. Clear Any Debris
Get tree limb or branches off the bottom of the pool. They will cause staining. To keep the debris clean up to a minimum, store anything that could become airborne in high winds before the storm.

Hurricane Harvey is expected to hit Houston, Texas with major winds and rain. Don’t leave your pool exposed to the severe weather. Champions Pool Repair & Service is Houston’s leading pool expert and can help you with all of your pool needs. Give us a call at (281) 355-8504.

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